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When Mercury redesigned the Cougar for your 1969 model year, it was like the change from puberty up. With readiness got a far more solution grille not to mention a baroque identity point that produced no bones that the Cougar originated in Fordis more lavish division. A. Unruh Nevertheless the huge information were the convertible and a Eliminator performance package that took around where GT and the GT -ELIZABETH left off, plus a fresh standard motor that set it apart from the Mustang that is normal. On the throw, Mercury was with a variety of pet to accommodate any temperament. Listed here are two Cougars for just two unique cats. Really, the 1969 Cougar was a fat cat of types. Despite keeping the exact same 111-inch wheelbase, shipment weight was up 375 pounds from 1967 simply because of virtually four inches added to total length (another two-plus ins was included for your 1970 facelift!).

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The convertible that is newest was for sale in XR-7 and both base ranges that are trim much like the hardtop, even though Eliminator was not on the base ragtop. Inspiration for both was replaced in the reliable 289/302 with two towards the new “Windsor” -barrel carburetor and 250 hp. For go, exactly the same generator with a four- carb was available with 290 horses two big-blocks: a 320-mount 390, as well as the Cobra Fly with 335 horses. Also, the Boss 429 was installed in two cars factory move vehicles. The Cheetah: Cougar Eliminator When the 1967 Cougar was introduced, you may spec it out with the GT Performance Team, which included the Marauder 390 GT V8 rated at 320 power with 10.5:1 pressure along with the compulsory dual exhausts, minimal-restriction air cleaner, energy top disk brakes, managing bundle, and Vast Ovals. Twenty sixty-eight found a lot of exactly the same nevertheless the launch of the GT-ELIZABETH produced the Cougar more of the accurate GT, not to mention being the only real FoMoCo ponycar to actually get the 427; it was replaced mid year from the 428 Cobra Fly which, unlike the 427, was on “standard” Cougars, perhaps those minus the GT offer. It had been noncompetitive against the Firebird 400 and SS 396 whilst the GT bought in good quantities. Even the 340 in the 1968 Barracuda leaped bands.

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The 427 GT- because, at 357 created, it was not also well-done to contribute to any cred, ELIZABETH wasn’t much of an improvement. The Cobra Jet was Mustangs, although even rarer as well as FoMoCo vehicles that are other were constructed with the CJ – as well as the CJs popularity in the Winternationals – to bring the Cougar some value. This would proceed with all the 1969 Eliminator. Likely motivated by “Dyno” Don Nicholsons Mercury move vehicle, the Eliminator bundle was available just on the bottom Cougar hardtop and emerged standard using the next: 351-4 (M-rule) used with three-speed manual-transmission Blacked-out grille Hood scoop (purposeful only once the ram air offer was ordered for your 428 CJ) Effectiveness managing deal Rushing-design left side mirror Front and rear spoilers Lashes Twelve-position wheels mounted on F70-14 tires Performance axle rate Modification moldings (borrowed from your XR-7) Total instrumentation Time to occasion ETs Choice of four hues (Yellow, Competitiveness Orange, White, or Bright-Blue)… And a few interior trim things like hi- back containers and armrests that are rear Recommended for the Eliminator was the 390-4 (S-code), 428 Cobra Aircraft (Q-code), along with the same with RAM-air (R-code). Each one of these machines were available on another Cougar, nevertheless the Eliminator was the sole beneficiary of another engine, the Boss 302 (g code). 2 was told, by all,250 Eliminators were created for 1969. Harry A owns the presented Competition Orange Eliminator. Unruh British Columbia, of Stone.

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He obtained a 1967 Cougar whilst in school however he had to get one, when he caught a peek of the brand new 69s. Getting a glance of a Competitiveness Red Eliminator 1969 problem of Hot Rod publication, in the January, Harryis resolve went several steps up. He was able to search for a Lincoln-Mercury store while visiting family and identified the one that was exact he wished in stock; he signed June 1, 1969 with the documents. Like several young men, his obligations changed as his household grew, consequently he sold the Eliminator in 1974. the new owner shortly totaled it. Years later, currently to search, he made a decision with the empty-nest for a replacement Eliminator. He identified a Red vehicle on a “Available” site however the advertising was not about 1 5 years young. What he didnt assume was for this to be his aged, totalled car, although Harry sent the seller anyhow and, to his shock, the Eliminator was still available.

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This is September 8, 2009 over 40 years because he got it fresh. You can visit his website for more on this extraordinary history. The Mountain Lion: Cougar Ski-Pac Exclusive Upon first view, this car looks like a 1969 Cougar coated in 1970s Opposition Green (Ford is name was “Grabber Green”). Closer evaluation demonstrates it to be always a special-edition Cougar made for a localized advertising. Named the Skiing-Pac Special, 152 bottom hardtops were developed for this advertising. Info is relatively lacking for these intriguing cars since the regional advertisements submitted online are of bad tests, but it appears they were platform Cougars (not the XR7) with particular-purchase colour, limited slip differential, upgraded wheels, colored glass, power-steering, and wheelcovers; in my opinion a ski holder also was included. In this cars case, the Marti Statement shows it to become a base 351-2 Cougar having a three-speed manual-transmission, that was the setup that is standard. Additionally, 424 bottom Cougar hardtops were built with a unique-purchase colour – within this cars case, its called Turquoise – but just six of these were constructed with white containers with blue sessions; theres no indicating exactly how many of these six were Skiing-Pac Packages without asking Marti Vehicle Functions to explore their repository.

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The Skiing-Pac unique is owned by Groves from Illinois. Visit his website and produce him an offer since his Cougar is for sale. Automobiles are my entire life. Are they yours? Subsequently check my index out for more of my musings that are automotive. Of course if you’ve a concept to get a story, email me and notify me about it!

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